Zoo’s Visitor Sees Monkey Sharpening A Rock, Later It Uses It To Shatter Its Glass Enclosure

People may think that only humans have the power of realizing the consequences of their behaviors, but the monkey from Zhengzhou Zoo, China may have proved a different idea. We have all seen movies and animations about clever animals who had been trying to escape zoos, the Colombian White-faced Capuchin monkey is like one of those characters.

image credit: metro.co.uk

Visitors of the zoo were fascinated by the skills of a little monkey. As the story tells us and as we see from the video the monkey was patiently sharpening the stone for hours. He created a weapon which was strong and sharp enough to crack the glass. This monkey seems very intelligent, he did the job so carefully and so attentively that he created a perfect stone weapon. If the glass was not toughened the intelligent little monkey would have got out easily. Tian Shuliao, the member of the staff of Zhengzhou Zoo, calls the monkey special: “This monkey is unlike other monkeys. This one knows how to use tools to break walnuts. When we feed walnuts to other monkeys, they only know to bite it.” According to Tian’s interviews, this was the first time when the monkey tried to escape by creating its own primitive but still, very functional weapon:” it had never hit the glass before though. This is the first time. It is toughened glass, so it would never have got out.”

Even though the monkey appears very confident in the video while sharpening the stone and hitting it on the glass, he seems to be scared when he hears the noise of the cracking. Some people even thought that the monkey was trying to scatter people’s minds by looking like he was scared so he could escape easily. The monkey was sure that his work of hours should have the grand final, but perhaps he was not ready for something scary to happen. However, then the monkey gains strength to go near the shattered glass again, as one of the tourists and the witness of this fact writes the monkey even touched the glass: “the monkey was sharpening the stone, then it started hitting it on the glass. The monkey scared itself away, but it came back to take another look and even touched it.” Says Mr. Wang.

The white-faced Capuchin had some surprises on the way of freedom, but we may strongly believe that he had learned his lesson and the next time he would not be scared of anything and would have scattered the glass more bravely. Even though the performance was fascinating and awesome, the staff members decided not to risk again and they punished the monkey by taking all of the stones out of his cage: “After it happened, we picked up all the rocks and took away all its ‘weapons’.” Says Tian.

Image credits: SanVic

Who knew that the monkey was able to come up with the new ideas without any help? Even though the monkey is small and cute, thinking about the fact may even be scary. Now we know that the monkey can realize that stone can be a harmful and strong weapon, does this mean that the Planet of Apes is coming true? Also, this is not the only animal in the world which can make their own weapons, some sea animals, like otters, are also capable of using stones as weapons to earn some food from abalone shells. This is an evolution happening around us. These cute animals can easily become violent and evolve as an intelligent being. We do not really know what our famous monkey is planning for the future. Maybe taking away all the rocks was not sufficient and he has new plans to create new weapons and arrange the grandiose escape.

Well, after all, nature is amazing and fascinating with its beautiful creatures and surprises. The next article is also about one of the most beautiful creatures which is not yet appreciated enough.

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