These cats have a huge collection of hats made out of their shed fur:

Are you a cat person or a cat person? Of course a cat person. How can you not be one when you see them wearing hats? Yes, they wear hats and they look amazing!
Everyone who has ever had a cat knows that they can be pretty messy because of their fur. Shedding fur is left all around the house and their owners have to deal with it in different ways. But the most creative solution one could ever come up with was hats for these cute animals. A Japanese couple, Ryo and Hiromi Yamazaki’s decided to create something that would be cute and also made with cat’s shredded fur. This family owns three Scottish fold cats: tabby Nyaa, white fluff Mar and ginger youngster Mugi.

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Ryo’ s inspiration came suddenly when he saw that Shedding fur which was lying on the floor kind of looked like a hat. He immediately created first, a pointy hat for his ginger cat. This was the start of the new beginning.

The idea led Ryo and his wife to success. They have an Instagram account followed by more than 10k users. Photographer for this famous cats is also Ryo and he is handling the job very well, while his wife designs and creates each piece.

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The couple tries to collect as much hair as possible. They say that even though only one bowl of hair is needed for one hat, most of the time they dismantle old models to create new ones. Ryo and Hiromi are the busiest in spring and autumn, as these seasons are the peak molting seasons. They brush and collect as much fur as possible.

Nuke hats can be made easily and the owners of this great idea give tips for those who want to DIY this accessory for their pets. We have to slowly shape the loosened hair into a ball and then into a hat. We do it only using our hands. The main tip is that we need to make sure that the hat fits our sweet little cat’s head.

Nukege means shed fur in Japanese. It sounds fun and easy. Nukege hats even have a
stationary and a book deal. This idea is spreading all over the world and it is liked by everyone. One of the main factor for success is that the cats don’t mind wearing lightweight hats made from their own fur. It even smells just like the cats do, so no worries at all, cats like looking cute and wearing fashionable accessories.

Creativity has no boundaries. We can meet hundreds of different kinds of Nukege hats into a photo book. One of the most popular is the hat shaped like Trump’ s hairstyle.
Ginger youngster Mugi looks strict and president-ish in this picture. Wearing a red tie makes everything even funnier and greater than it is!

Sometimes cats fit hats of the famous book characters. One photo shows us Mugi wearing Sherlock’s hat, but he looks confused which is not characteristic for Sherlock and this makes the photo hilarious.
Different animal’ s ear-hats are also frequent in Nukege hats collection. Bunny ears and cat ears for cats looks the cutest for me. In one photo white fluff, Mar is wearing a cat-ear hat and she is sleeping calmly, which makes this photo heartwarming.

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Sometimes cats even become queens and kings, because now their hats are shaped like crowns. One of the most famous looks is a Scandinavian princess hat. In this picture white fluff is wearing a gold crown and thick white braid is beautifying Mar’ s chubby cheeks.

Hats are also made for different occasions. For example, pointy hats are mostly used on Halloween. Magician hats are also made for this day and it is a good costume for the cats getting ready for trick or treating.

When the couple perfected the technique of making hats from the shed fur, they started doing it in a more fun way. Now they do some gradients and also they create shapes which are way harder. For example, the volcano-shaped hat is one of the most beautiful. It is exactly shaped like a volcano and the colors are changing from the top to bottom, from grey to white.

Sometimes cats turn into policeman or even a pilot. The photos which can be found on
Yamazaki Instagram page shows us the adventure the cats are going through over the years. It is fun to scroll down their photos.

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