The ‘Victoria Crowned Pigeon’ Is One Of The Most Beautiful Birds Ever And Can Grow To The Size Of A Turkey

Pigeons are all around us. They walk with us on the streets and they share our food. We cohabit without any problem and this kind of familiarity makes us think that word pigeon only connects with something very known and not so special to us. However, once more, nature is full of beautiful and amazing beings, one of them is Victoria crowned Pigeon, which looks more like a magical, fairy-tale creature than just a simple pigeon.

Image credits: The Virginia Zoo

New Guinea region is blessed with having this beautiful, bluish-grey bird, which can actually grow the size of a turkey. Even the bird’s name sounds fancy and aristocratic because it is named after a great historical figure British Queen Victoria. When we look at the Victoria crown Pigeon the first thing we see is the blue crest which is the main reason why this large bird’s name includes ‘crown’. But not only this crown is characterizing for the pigeon. This large breed of the pigeon is always described as an intelligent and strikingly beautiful.

Image credits: The Virginia Zoo

Image credits: The Virginia Zoo

Everybody would love to have a pet which lives up to 25 years, is fascinating and intelligent, but if we really want to make them happy, we should live them alone. These huge pigeons only live their best and longest life when they have their own space, where they can feel comfortable. Victorian crown Pigeons don’t like novices, they prefer a stable home. Of course, this kind of beauty should have a tragedy around it: they are written in the Red List as Near Threatened species.

Image credits: Kitty Schweizer

Image credits: Bernard Dupont

The population is unfortunately still decreasing and specialists highlighted some factors which may be the main reason why this beautiful pigeon species is in a danger. First of all, humans are ready to destroy beauty just for their own pleasure. Victorian crown Pigeons are hunted both because of its majestic beauty and also, it has exotic tasting meat. Secondly, this species of pigeons mostly live in the tropical rain forests of New Guinea.

Image credits: Dennis Jarvis

Image credits: Derek Ramsey

Their habitat is destructed and pigeons lose their homes continuously. As we mentioned before, they do not get along with every kind of environmental changes, so they die quickly after their habitat is destroyed. Also, the population of the pigeons doesn’t increase easily because of the natural reasons: female Victorian crown Pigeon lays only one egg per mating season. This natural and man-made reasons together maybe like a death sentence for this fancy pigeon. Their intelligence and Victorian ‘blood’ appear in different behaviors. The most interesting is how male acts during courtship. The scientists call this act the dance: the male is proud of its beautiful crest and he shows it off in front of a female by bowing his head. This bow may also appear like showing the female his respect and deference. The bow is followed by a majestic singing and dancing.

Image credits: Laura Wolf

Nature is an artist and this art should be protected. Even the pigeons can show intelligence, but we can all agree that this intelligence is different than the skills the Capuchin monkey had shown us from the Zhengzhou Zoo. Does it matter how the animals show us their abilities? They all should be taken care of, even if they violently try to escape to their wild habitat or even if they fancily bow their head to show us how much of beauty should be seen in this world.

Image credits: Sandy Cole

While talking about the beauty of the wilderness, we should not forget how amazing is love between two people, who stand by each other’s side all the time. The next article will remind us how important the support of another person is while living in the pain.

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Image credits: cuatrok77

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