What does best friend mean? Sometimes the answer is simply a dog. This is another story of a hero dog, which perhaps will make us think that dogs can never be replaced by any human. They are always by our side and they can sacrifice themselves without overthinking about it.
Pit bulls are sometimes associated with scary and vicious dogs. It’ s almost like they cannot be trusted around the house, especially with the baby. But one pit bull named Sasha proved that this rumor is wrong and she can be not just trusted but also she can be a hero.

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June 3 was the day when Sasha showed her protective self. She was sitting outside her
Stockholm home when the fire started at her owner’ s, Nana Chaichanhda’ s house. 8
months old Sasha suddenly started barking and ran to the door. Sasha began to bang on the back door of the house before anyone even realized that a fire had started.
“I open it and she runs in and stars ts barking at me like crazy and I was like, ‘OK, this is weird. This is not like her,’ ” Chaichanhda said, via WTVR.

“My neighbors home was totally destroyed, and the fire was quickly spreading to my unit, ” the mother wrote. “[Sasha] was trying to warn us of the fire. I got out of bed to see what was going on. At that moment I opened the back door and Sasha ran into our home, straight into our bedroom. ”
Nana suddenly realized that the fire has started and all she wanted was to get her 7
months old baby from the flaming house. She ran to her baby’ s bedroom and she saw that Sasha was already trying to pull the infant into safety.

“She had already had my baby by the diaper and was dragging her off the bed, ” Sasha’ s
owner added. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, what are you doing?’ ”It appears that pit bulls are very caring and also extremely brave. Chaichanhda hopes that this accident may be the one which changes a negative stereotype about pit bulls She says: “I owe her everything. If it wasn’t for her, I would have still been in bed and things could have taken a worse turn. ”

“Thanks to Sasha we were able to get out safe and call 911, ” Chaichanhda wrote on a GoFundMe page. She is trying to raise some money after her apartment and all of her stuff was destroyed by the fire. Most of the building was saved by the firefighters, but another apartment was burned that day. It was owned by Chaichanhda’ s cousin, but fortunately, they were not at home when the fire started. The family is now living with their aunts who reside in the same building.

Heroic puppy is appreciated by members of the family. Nana gives her all the credit and says that if it wasn’t Sasha something awful could have happened. “If she hadn’t begun barking like that, I never would have realized something was wrong. ”Nana says that this was one of the few nights when the puppy was left outside the house. Chaichanhda thinks that this probably saved the family’ s life.
Latana Chai is the proud mom to a cute seven-month-old baby named Masailah and an adorable pit-bull puppy named Sasha. The two were born within a few days of each other, and because of that, they have formed an incredible bond. Sasha would do anything for little Masailah.

This story went viral on the internet and people shared so much love for the caring pit bulls. Some people still say that pit bulls can be very dangerous if they are raised to attack, but if they are raised correctly they are amazing.

Kaitlan Smith writes a comment on WFLA News Channel 8’s post: “So dangerous. Might attack with kisses. Pitbull’s are amazing animals when RAISED CORRECTL Y. ♥
Marie Pilkerton agrees with her: “It just goes to show people that pit bull dogs are not all bad. Its how they are raised. ”

After all, everything can be dangerous when their abilities are not used correctly. This heroic puppy shows us how amazing and useful they can be while in scary situations. They are fast thinkers and they can make great decisions fast. Dogs should be trusted and pit bulls’ great character should be used correctly. They can be raised as loving and caring ones and they will never hesitate to sacrifice their own life for others’

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