It’s illegal to own only one guinea pig

Some people say that cats are their spirit animals, others say that dogs are, Swiss people, say that their spirit animals are guinea pigs. Switzerland is the land for fluffy, cute guinea pigs. People care about them so much that they have learned guinea pigs’ physiology. They say that a guinea pig gets lonely when they are left without partners. Guinea pigs value companionship and like to share their hutch and carrot

sticks with a buddy. Which is why Switzerland takes their welfare very seriously. It is a fact
which was approved by scientists. So Switzerland adopted a new law in 2008: It is illegal to
own only one guinea pig.

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Animals are able to love, so leaving them alone for their life is considered as cruelty- at least in Switzerland. Animals have their own ” social rights. ” Switzerland is trying to grant them because they know that pets can get lonely. It is believed that if a guinea pig had at least one companion to share a cage with, would make them a lot happier and it will boost their quality of life.

You can certainly buy just one guinea pig – it’ s not as if they come in multi-packs – but
“guinea pigs are very social animals and may not be kept on their own”, the Federal Food
Safety and Veterinary Officeexternal link confirms.

But it is unlikely for two guinea pigs to die at the exact same time. So it may become a
problem for the owner of a guinea pig. What happens after one companion dies? There is no
such company which rents guinea pigs before another pig dies, but there are different kinds of
companies which try to ease the loss of the partner for guinea pigs. These companies will pair
the furry critters up with another chum, in case one of their companions dies and leaves them
alone. The law is taken very seriously in Switzerland, people deeply believe that companionship makes guinea pigs happier.

This law not only works for guinea pigs but also fish. In Switzerland, it is illegal to own only
one fish in one tank. Owners have to mimic their natural environment always, so they have to
change the lightning day and night.

To mark this year’ s Guinea Pig Appreciation Day (Tuesday, July 16), the RSPCA ’ s rabbit and
rodent expert, Dr. Jane Tyson made the following statement in a press release:
“They are one of the UK’ s most misunderstood pets and this is largely because they are seen as
an ‘easy, first pet’ for children.

Guinea pigs can make fantastic pets but like all animals, they have very complex needs and
should never be the sole responsibility of a child.
Sadly, one of the issues we see is that some guinea pigs are still kept in small cages with little
chance for exercise or human contact, and possibly, more importantly, no contact with other
guinea pigs. ”

Dr. Ty son continued:
“Guinea pigs are sociable, active animals. They need to live with at least one other friendly
guinea pig and benefit from enrichment so it’ s important to give them a large space where they
can play and explore together.

It can also be very fun to come up with unique ways to help your guinea pigs stay entertained
and expend some energy.  As well as being great for their well-being, playing with your pet piggy
can also strengthen the bond between you and your pets. ”
RSPCA has been giving people different advice to help their pet guinea pigs remain healthy and
happy for a long time. They said that guinea pigs need some space to ‘popcorn ‘. This term
describes the very cute behavior of guinea pigs: This is when they leap from the ground
and turn in mid-air when they get excited.

People are so excited about this law and there has not been too much criticism around it.
Everybody has been posting on the social network that this law was very Switzerland-y and it is
quite appropriate.
Adam Sharp tweets:
Adam Sharp@AdamCSharp
Happy #SwissNationalDay
“In Switzerland, it’ s illegal to own just one guinea pig. They’re social animals and it’s
deemed cruel to deprive them the company of other guinea pigs. Swiss law also
protects parrots, goldfish, and cats from loneliness. Why? That’s just how the Swiss roll. ”
After all, Switzerland is an amazing land and it is heartwarming to think about how they
take care of their pets’ happiness and well-being. If you are a proud owner of a single
guinea pig, you should think about going out and adopting another one. Oh, it would be
great to see how two guinea pigs ‘popcorn ‘ when they see each other.

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