” I heard some noise on the roof this morning “

The legends tell us that Australia’ s wildlife is crazy and unexpected. But it appears that those are not just legends or myths. They are real, they are here and they happen in everyday lives. One person writes on reddit.com “I heard some noise on the roof this morning” and they also share a picture. This picture is quite horrific as well as astounding. We see a gigantic carpet python hanging off the roof, while wrapped around a victim, choking it.

image source: note.com

The bird seems already dead which makes this picture sad. But if we think about this photo a lot, we can conclude that wildlife is amazing even though it’ s cruelty.
In Australia snakes living on the roof is not something rear. People see them all the time. Australians are sharing their own stories. LogicRealm comments: “I had a full family of these pythons comes out of my roof over a few days and they were massive.

We got a snake catcher out to relocate them and the mad man just picked em up with his bare hands and put them away. Cool guy and the snakes aren ‘t anywhere near as bad as they look, completely harmless and actually good for eliminating pests. ”

Maybe now everyone thinks that living in Australia, where snakes are sliding on the roofs of the houses is a crazy idea. Trust me, I’m shaking of just thinking about it right now. Although, I know that if I was Australian I would be proud of this dangerous wildlife. It is mysterious and exotic. But Australians have to keep themselves safe. If we think that walking outdoors are dangerous because we can be hit by a car , Australian streets are not safe because you don’t know when snake will try to choke you to death.
Someone asks in the comment section: “How do you all just not die walking out the

The replay tells us how people make themselves safe in Australian streets:” you make paved trails which get hot enough the ground starts trying to kill the animals, making the trails much safer. As for the people who go off the trails usually, they have some sort of Australian magic talisman to keep them safe.”

We can find hundreds of sources on the internet which proves that Australian wildlife is crazy. We see snakes eating everything: from bats to wallabies. They are everywhere: From clothes shops to the wings of the airplane. We see crocodiles surfing, we see great white sharks surfing next to humans and we see them attacking golfers. We even see pissed-off cassowaries attacking human and mysterious gain jellyfish laying on the beach. We meet the most enormous fish in australis and the tiniest jellyfish too, they are deadly for human by the way. This is scary and sometimes unbelievable. It’ s fact that the list of deadly animals in Australia is longer than in any other country. They have guides to make themselves safe from this wildlife.

In conclusion, I don’t think that camping in Australia is a good idea, but after all crazy ones still, do that. Australia is an incredible country to visit and spent a vacation, but before going there be ready to hear snake and bird wars on the roof of your house.

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