Her mother died 3months ago and they don’t have a picture together so they made this for her

Pictures became the important part of our lives. Sometimes we need them just for sharing on the social media and show the world how we are spending our vacations, or how happily married we are. But sometimes, pictures have different meaning. Photos can remind us something very beautiful and important which happened in our lives. Sometimes we feel guilty for not taking pictures. This particular story is a proof that photos can be necessary for our inner calmness.

image credit: 9gag.com

Photo was posted on reddit.com and this photo has a history behind. We see a painting of a little girl and a woman standing by each other’s side, smiling peacefully. It appears that the woman died when her daughter was 3 months old, they did not have a picture together, so artists decided to combine their pictures and create one, beautiful painting of them. This work of art is quite realistic and if you don’t know the story you would never think that this painting is just two pictures combined together.

Woman and the girl seem like a happy, beautiful family, but in reality the woman passed away a long time ago and a kid had to go through a lot growing up without mother. Unfortunately we don’t know the background of this family, we don’t know where they come from or why the mother passed away in a young age. We don’t also know how this beautiful girl is doing now, but we just hope that she grew into a strong and calm lady, as her mother would have wished.

This picture went viral on social media. People think that this photo is sweet and also, emotional. This is a good reminder for everyone that pictures matter. Taking them is not snobby thing, it is caring for your future to have memories in a visible way.

Combining pictures into a beautiful painting is a way to express different emotions. They are sometimes done just to create beautiful image, but the meaning of this particular picture is deeper than others. We should take pictures and keep them forever, but if we don’t modern technology helps us to find beautiful solutions.

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