For the guys going through the same process; don’t lose hope and never quit fighting

What do we think about single fathers? In reality, everything is not like we see in the films. From the screens, single fathers are mostly messy and little confused, maybe inattentive too. Yes, these kinds of fathers exist, but mostly they are the most caring persons in the world.

Fathers impact our whole lives, as well as mothers, do. Everybody agrees that mothers’ warmth and attention is the best thing ever, but sometimes we forget about fathers. We forget how protective they are, how much they work and how they try to keep calm while mothers are panicking. When the couple gets divorced 51% of parents, without court or lawyers, agree that kids should be raised by mothers. The man who posted a picture on is not one of that man who gives up their kids’ custody. In this picture, he is standing with his two young sons and the caption says: “ After a 10 yr custody battle, today I gained full rights. For the guys going through the same process; don’t lose hope and never quit fighting. ”

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In many cases fighting against mother means losing, but it’s fact that single fathers can be great parents because of the various reasons. For example:fathers are more likely to live with cohabiting partners, on average 41% of single fathers have a significant other within the home as opposed to just 16% for single mothers, this means that in many cases, father’ s partner often shares in many of the parenting responsibilities, 36% of single fathers live at or below the poverty line while 43% single mothers live at or below the poverty line. Also, single fathers are more likely to have a college bachelor or higher degree as women often give up on studying in order to become a housewife.

This is a huge sacrifice from women, but after a divorce fathers’ income can have a better impact on children. In conclusion, all I wanted to say was that fathers can be great single parents and children will benefit if they live with their dads. This post on Reddit got viral enough that people started sharing their stories. In the comments, we read about different men who have been fighting for custody. The first comment is heartbreaking. This shows how underrated fathers’ parenting is and how overrated mothers’ parenting is: “I’m right around 30K fighting for my son.

Pray to God he comes home for good sooner rather than later. I have had to get CPS involved twice but the court doesn’t care. They look at her as a hero for 2 failed stints in rehab & drinking a 1/2 gallon of rum every 3 days. My son deserves better. ” This photo shows three winners. The fight is merciless and hard. I’m sure that father and those children were going through a tough time for these 10 years and after all, we hope that they are in the hands they can trust and they have a safe, sweet home.

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