Every one should know this story, its amazing.

A couple of days ago a young lady posted a picture on reddit.com where she is in a hospital, getting ready for the surgery. She writes: “about to have my second brain surgery this summer … Wish me luck Redditors!” I think she needs bravery and positivity more than luck. This post had an enormous response on Reddit. People were commenting on different stuff, but one comment especially caught my attention. A hairstylist wrote: “Since this is your second time already,  you probably already know, but in the slight chance some other people with long hair have a chance to read this, I just want to throw it out there.

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I noticed your hair is up in a bun, and I assume there will be a recovery time after the surgery. If you or anyone have a prolonged stay at a hospital, and they ask you to put your hair in a bun, please for the love of god have someone, anyone, brush out your hair at minimum every other day. As a hairdresser, it’s really heartbreaking to see someone out of a hospital, finally recovered and everything and they have a giant bed matted hair that so dreaded up into a ball that’s there’ s no way to detangle it. And end up having to chop off all that hair.

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Just some occasional hair brushing can easily prevent this from happening.
Edit: thank you for a silver stranger! It’s my first ever. That said since some people are considering this as a joke or “flex”??? this was a client I had recently after a 2-week hospital stay Edit2: thank you for the gold!! Also another first. That said, I’m seeing a lot of people recommending conditioners and oils for detangling hair. And I just wanted to add that it REALLY depends on the condition and extent of the knot. If it’s at about the state of a dreadlock DO NOT add any moist to the hair, this will only make the hair stretch easier and break instead of slipping out of the not, dry oil is probably the most I would recommend at this point.  If its a tangle that’s not as tightly weaved as a dread, then oils and conditioners are fine. If the tangle is light, there’ s something called a “wet brush” that works really great for detangling hair fairly gently, and great for brushing children (or adults) with sensitive scalps. ”

It’ s quite surprising how much of a difference can one little detail make. I can’t imagine a person getting ready for their surgery and thinking about hair. But we all know that hair is a very important accessory. Apparently people have different stories about their hair getting wrecked and tangled because of not brushing it while being in the hospital. They share different stories about their own experiences and everybody agrees that brushing hair even in the hardest situations is very important for mental health.

After the person is recovered from their surgery they need to feel comfortable with themselves and losing hair is not comfortable thing at all. There was some hate under this comment and one person replied: “Idk why people are hating on this; people who haven’t gone through anything like this (or don’t know people who have) don’t realize how much things like this matter, especially during recovery. Having a semblance of normalcy so you can put things like surgery behind you are extremely important. ” Yes, details matter.
Let’ s go further and talk about more positivity going towards the girl who is going through a surgery. People from around the world saw this post and they all started sharing love in different ways. It’ s good to know that every part of the world can be by your side, no matter how many kilometers are between you and this random stranger.

Norwegian Redditor commented: “ As a random Norwegian, I am pretty sure I can speak for the entire country and say: L Lykke til og god bedring! :)”
After all, brain surgery can be considered as one of the riskiest and important surgeries. It can be necessary for different reasons. Unfortunately, we don ’t know the background of this one particular story and we don’t know who the girl is. Also, she did not update after her surgery, maybe she is recovering now. Hope everything went well and she will soon tell us how she’ s feeling and what she is planning for her healthy future. And oh, also we need to know what happened to her hair!

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