The contents of a Dutch police car

When we are around police we need to feel safe. We have to believe that they have everything to help us in any situation. Some countries don’t have police equipped good enough, but some government does everything to make the police crew as good as possible.

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Dutch police are known for its special equipment. They are really good at their job. They fight for each citizen and make them feel safe. But not just their personalities are good, also their cars are equipped with lots of different things. The photo was posted on Reddit couple of days ago, which showed the contents of Dutch police cars. Details are amazing and people loved it. They started commenting on different things. Dutch police cars include everything from first aid help to policeman and policewoman: phones, beacon,  siren for emergencies, GPS navigation system, teddy bears and etc.

Teddy bears? Yes, they are very important. But I think every police person wishes these bears to never be used. When an officer encounters a child who has been traumatized due to tragedy or victimization, the child is given a bear. One comment under this post says:
“Brother and I got a teddy bear when my dad died in a traffic accident. ” The fact is really
sad but considering that stuffed animal can be a stress reliever is pretty amazing.

Whole new discussion started when people noticed that there was only one warm jacket included in the equipment. Mostly there are two police officers in one car. Who gets a jacket when it’s cold? Maybe the one who needs better protection, or maybe it is given to someone else if an accident happens. The car is also fully equipped by the weapons and guns, but when you look at very nice, friendlily smiling officers you just can’t think about them holding guns. The car is also small and compact, which makes everything more cozy and homey. After all, police officers look great in this picture, maybe they are
the most important equipment of all, but without all these details they would not look so

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