23 funny pictures that perfectly sum up Canada

Oh, Canada, Canada… Is Canada even real? Is it just a myth that Canadians are amazing and always polite? These photos show us that Canada is real and unbelievably polite people are real too!

1. “We are respectful,” tells us one of the banners in Canada. We know that! Yes, Canadians are respectful. This banner shows us that in this country people don’t interference in other’ s business. They always respect other’ s decisions.

image credit: upworthy.com

2. We all love pets, but not many hotels in the whole world are pet-friendly. Hotel owners are scared that the pets can mess up everything and scare people. But Canadians are as friendly with pets as they are with people. This photo clearly shows that pets are welcome in this Northern Canadian town’ s hotel, but then they specify that bears should not be taken into the hotel. Two questions: first of all, are bears pets for Canadians? And secondly, why did they ever agree on taking the bear into the hotel? It is really confusing, but still hilarious and ones more we make sure that Canadians are overly welcoming.

3. People all around the world protest low salaries and they always want a pay rise. But what happens in Canada? It is all different there, of course. People protesting that they are overly paid is never seen anywhere than in Canada. This photo of the article shows how decent they are and also how common it is in Canada to be so honorable. 700 people is a grand number.

4. Police and the citizens are sometimes violent to each other. Police talk to us strictly and they don’t really try to be friendly or to communicate with us. This photo also shows how different Canada is. Police is one of the random citizens. This can be a good example for other countries too, friendly is good.

5. Canada is great and Canadians know that. They honor their country and love it as it is. This love and respect make Canada even greater. This hat is very symbolic, because

of it’ s color and because of the famous ‘eh!’

image credit: upworthy.com

6. The labor dispute is the main dispute all over the world. It is protested with many different ways, sometimes even violent, but these police protest it by not wearing their work pants. Also, they are wearing funny pants. Although it’s called “protest” it’ s hilarious. How can you not satisfy the demands of an employee who is protesting something by wearing a cow pants?

7. Canada is always snowy . This photo shows us how confusing September can be in
Canada. But, to be honest, this looks very beautiful.

8. Yes, Canadians are notorious for being kind and we have already talked about this.
But this photo shows us another level of kindness. Maybe the owner of the wheelbarrow
thought that his first statement was strict because it did not include the word “please. ”
So he decided to show his appreciation by making a second sign. But, should we talk
about the thief which really turned back the wheelbarrow? What else should be said
than the Canadians are hilariously amazing!

9. Honesty is the key why the Canadians are great. This photo shows how low-abiding
they are.

10. Police again! This photo is important because it shows how respectful people are in Canada for them who are working and trying to create something with their honest job. I’m sure this girl will always remember that her work was appreciated and she will continue doing it patiently.

11. Theft is something which is not generally done in a honorable way and the victims of
the theft are not actually giving thieves the tips. “Please be a considerate thief” is the least uncommon thing you will ever hear (if you are outside of Canada). This sign actually shows us how forgiving Canadians are.

12. Yes, police love pets like every other people in Canada! They look so friendly in this picture. We can also think that police does not really have an actual job to do in Canada because people are so law-abiding, so they spend time by taking pictures of the cute animals and uploading them on Instagram!

13. This photo screams Canada! “Good luck” at the end is heartwarming.

14. They don’t let bears into a hotel anymore, because they made that mistake once. Maybe this moose wants to go in the house, hope the owner of the house is not considering welcoming him in. Or maybe, the moose just wanted to make sure that this person went home safely? Canadian people are caring, so are Canadian animals.

15. Police jobs are stressful. Canadian police know that not only physical strength is needed for the job but also the calmness of the mind and the soul.

16. It’ s great that happy , hippy dinosaurs are allowed to wander around. But there are some questions… How much of a problem gun-toting T -Rexs are…

17. Dropping the package off at the door may be the problem. In Canada the problem is
not a thief or a dog, an actual problem is a bear … “Bear at door” is a decent reason to not drop the package at the door.

18. Parking ticket in Canada is so friendly that it makes you want to pay!

19. Sensory-friendly shopping is the best for people with an autism spectrum disorder. Everyone should be able to buy groceries without getting annoyed. Canada gives them an opportunity for that and people love it.

20. This photo shows how caring Canadians are and how much they respect others.
Once again…

21. Hockey is an important part of Canada and in Canadian’ s life. Maybe after a protest, they are going to play a good hockey game.

22. Okay, when you draw such a cute spider you are going to be forgiven (maybe only in

23. Animals should never be forgotten. People in Canada felt bed for not picking up a dead raccoon so they made the memorial for the animal and I’m sure the raccoon’ s soul has forgiven them.

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