2 years old got his eye removed on Tuesday due to cancer

The only thing that can be merciless to everyone, without exceptions is only nature. It can make things tragic for old people or for young angels. Cancer is a common sickness today. It threats everyone, everywhere. Unfortunately, cancer finds kids too.

Father posts a picture of his son and writes a caption: “my son gets his eye removed because of cancer. ” His son is very young, about 2 years old and looks really cute. It’ s emotional to think about what he has been going through, but at the and he gets cured: that is the most important. No eye or eye- he is still very beautiful and he will grow into a handsome man with a long and happy life.

image source: irishamerica.com

Other people who have been going through the same thing started sharing their stories.
For some, losing an eye at an early age means tragedy, but one man writes positively:
“Lost my right eye to retinoblastoma at 17 months old. I’m 56 now. That it happened so
young was a blessing. My brain made all the adjustments. I can judge distance well.
And I don’t have to close one eye when shooting a firearm or looking through a
microscope:) I have no memory of what it’ s like to see with both eyes. I literally can’t
imagine focusing two eyes on one common object. (I know …it’ s like autofocus but I still
can’t imagine it).

Ocularists are artists with prosthetics. I’m grateful for their expertise over the years. I
doubt people will even notice anything different with your little guy, which is the best
compliment. The best advice I got about it growing up was from my parents. They said if it wasn’t a big
deal to me, it wouldn’t be a big deal to anyone else. They were right. I learned to laugh at
myself when I’d bump into things on the blindside.

Prayers for your little guy and for your family. Cancer sucks. But his future is going to be
amazing. ”We ask, what about the child? What does he feel? He looks pretty happy in this picture
while playing with his cars, but what do we know about his life. Doctors think that it’s
important to talk to the kid honestly. Aboutkidshealth.ca posts an article about eye
removal surgery and they say: “Doctors will only do an enucleation after they have tried
everything to save your child’s eye and it is the safest option.
Before any procedure, it is important to talk honestly with your child about what will
happen and to use language that they will understand. Children feel less anxious when
they know what to expect. ”

This boy is going to wear a temporary prosthetic eye for the first six weeks after surgery
while the eye socket heals. Then he will get a custom-fitted eye. After this people will
hardly ever notice the difference between his eyes. This is a good thing but if they notice
that’ s not a tragedy at all. Maybe, when he grows up and turns into a strong, happy man he
will always tell his story, he will even be proud of it. A lost eye will be the symbol of what
he has been through and how sad, also how inspiring his story is.

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